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Tues March 10, 4 to 8 pm: Bread sales, fresh from the oven.
Wed March 11, 9 am: Bread delivery to Green Tree Health & Wellness, Quesnel
Wed March 11, 4 to 8 pm: Pizza Night!
Fri March 13, 9 am: Bread delivery to Troll Ski Resort.

Summer is fast approaching. With the high temperatures we have been experiencing in Wells recently (it was +10°C today), you could be excused for thinking that summer is here already – if it weren’t for the piles of snow everywhere. With thoughts of summer – did I mention that I rode my bike today? – we have been thinking of the Quesnel Farmer’s Market, and the promise we made to ourselves last year to take some cool Bread Peddler bumper stickers to sell.  The problem is, the best captions that I can think of are “I Love Gluten” or “Gluten Rocks”, and Kate isn’t too impressed by these (Kate is resting her fingers tonight, having just returned from visiting friends in Oliver).

This leads to a great opportunity for some reader participation. If you, our valued readers, can think of some cool captions to write next to our Bread Peddler logo, we will look at them all, and choose the best one to put on our bumper stickers. And, if we can’t decide which is the best, we can have a vote where you, the blogees, can decide.  Yeah!

We were lucky enough last week to persuade (actually, it didn’t take much persuasion: just the promise of some good hills, some pizza, some fresh bread, and the company of some like-minded cycle tourists) the esteemed English cyclist Emily Chappell to take a small(ish) diversion from her Anchorage (Alaska) to Seattle fat-bike-cycle-tour. As well as setting a new record for the most pizzas eaten in one sitting – before dinner! – she was great company, and it was a shame to have to wave goodbye to her early the following morning, when she rode back to Quesnel to collect her bags and continue south.  You can read about her adventures at

Emily Chappell, having just taken off her pizza eating record holders crown, and replaced it with her helmet, ready to ride back to Quesnel.
Emily Chappell, cycle-tourist extraordinaire! This is undoubtedly the last snow she will ride on this trip – given the weather in BC these days, she’ll likely end up in her skivvies before too many days are out!


The bread rack at Green Tree Health & Wellness - full to bursting at 9:00 am on a Wednesday morning.
The bread rack at Green Tree Health & Wellness – full to bursting at 9:00 am on a Wednesday morning.


Barkerville Brewery, where the Beer Belly's magical ingredient comes from.
Barkerville Brewery, where our Beer Belly Bread’s magical ingredient comes from.

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