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  • Spring Has Sprung

    Well, well, Wells. We have a lot of news. The grapevine is working efficiently, so most of you already know that we have sold our house and are leaving Wells. We are moving to Kimberley on June 1, with a short stop on the way to participate in a birthday bike ride from Quesnel to […]

  • After Skiing, Bread

    Alas, we have fed the sourdoughs and are heating up the oven in preparation for tomorrow’s baking. Our holiday break was just what the doctor ordered – I got over my pre-Christmas cold, and we had loads of time to ski and hang out with Sally and discover a tiny bit of Norway. Tomorrow we […]

  • 5 kg butter, 9 kg raisins, 3 kg candied peel, spiced rum…

    … and home-made marzipan! These are just some of the things that make Stollen delicious! Be sure to pop into Green Tree Health & Wellness in Quesnel to order your Bread Peddler Stollen – you can pick it up there on December 13 or 20. You also reserve your Stollen by calling Green Tree at […]

  • Winter Splendour

    We have had a seemingly sudden blast of winter here in Wells and now there is no question – winter has arrived for good. Yesterday we had a 10-hour blizzard and today the sun is shining and the hoar frost is twinkling. The skiing is, of course, fantastic. We DO still have to bake, of […]

  • The November Freeze

    Hey Wells: We will have Rosemary Focaccia and Coronation Grape Scones available tomorrow – call or email to reserve yours, or take a chance and come by the bakery after 7 pm. Tim is still riding his bike and I have been skating on a frozen pond – must be November in Wells!