Winter Splendour

We have had a seemingly sudden blast of winter here in Wells and now there is no question – winter has arrived for good. Yesterday we had a 10-hour blizzard and today the sun is shining and the hoar frost is twinkling. The skiing is, of course, fantastic.

The fabulous skiing on Cornish Mountain today.
The fabulous skiing on Cornish Mountain today.

We DO still have to bake, of course, because otherwise what would Tim eat? And so there is always extra bread for other people as well: tomorrow evening in Wells we’ll have Holey Hannah, Grainy Day, Roasted Garlic & Olive, Beer Belly, Speedy, Cinnamon & Raisin, and Rosemary Focaccia. There will be a few Chocolate-Ginger scones available at the end of the evening too. (Focaccia and scones aren’t out of the oven until 7:30 or so).

Tim will deliver bread and scones to Green Tree Health & Wellness in Quesnel at 9 am Wednesday morning.

We will be at the Medieval Market in Williams Lake this weekend. Come early Saturday to get the best choice of bread and scones as they will sell out! We will have a huge line-up of breads, packages of scones, spiced hot chocolate mix, and granola for sale. If nothing else, come out to see us in our cute outfits! Remember, gluten-free is NOT medieval.

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