Twenty-Nine Years

This has nothing to do with the bakery, well, indirectly only: here it is April 1st, and we have more snow than has been recorded in Wells in twenty-nine years. Our house is disappearing. Windows that I clean (rather infrequently) with an extension ladder in the summer are completely covered in snow. At least the sun is shining, though that may be an April Fool’s Day joke, because there is more snow in the forecast.

OK, I know it's only a little tiny Wells shack, but that's a lot of f*&%$#g snow.
OK, I know it’s only a little tiny Wells shack, but that’s a lot of F*&%$#G snow.
The view of the snowbank that covers the back of the clinic/sauna/cob oven shack.
The view of the snowbank that covers the back of the clinic/sauna/cob oven building. Yes, that is a real building that real people can stand up in – even Tim!
The back of the house.
The back of the house.
The view of the inside of a snowbank from our kitchen window.
The view of the inside of a snowbank from our kitchen window. Don’t mind the mess, Tim’s a busy guy these days.

Last week there was a special event of sorts: my birthday. I have always liked to organize a trip to one of this area’s back-country ski cabins with a group of friends, but this year we decided to LIVE LARGE. We went to a front-country cabin with plumbing AND electricity AND proper beds AND a fridge. We had three great cross-country skiing outings on Gavin Lake and the ski trails. We had saunas. We played Scattegories so much that folks were dreaming about it. We ate a great curry made by Stephen, and two delicious cakes. No one farted, not once. Not even Dennis.

Two birthday cakes for the lucky 42-year old! But better yet, a weekend of great cross-country skiing with even greater friends.
TWO birthday cakes for the lucky 42-year old! The only thing better than cake is skiing with great friends. And maybe a little bit of wine.

So, the bakery! Most exciting for me this week: I spent hours with artist and Adobe Illustrator wizard Bill Horne working on designs for a sign for the front of the building, a sandwich board for the junction of our road with Highway 26, a banner for the Farmer’s Market, labels for bread bags, and a Bread Peddler rubber stamp!  Most exciting for Tim this week: plumbing! (Well, I didn’t ask him what HE thought was most exciting about this week, but I guess it wasn’t all the snow he had to shovel). Tim has been very careful not to scuff or scratch the new floor while working – he even takes his boots off at the door. Very Canadian.

Fancy new lights in the bakery.
Fancy new lights.
Counters, sinks, plumbing - it's all happening here!
Counters, sinks, and plumbing – it’s all happening here! This is the central area of the bakery.
Now with counter tops.
Now with counter tops in place.
One set of counters in the kitchen area - done. Sadly, they will never be this clean again. (oops, I guess I shouldn't say that out loud).
In the kitchen area the counters are done! Sadly, they may never be this clean again. (oops, I guess I shouldn’t say that out loud).

6 thoughts on “Twenty-Nine Years

  1. Happy birthday Kate. Well done!
    The snow photos are amazing to an Australian. While you are buried in a snow drift, we sweltered in the hottest April night on record- 27.3 degrees celsius at 3am (Geelong racecourse). The climate models are all pointing to another El Nino – more dry times are likely coming our way.

  2. Sol thought the snow was icing- yeah- we have really big cakes in augusta! No, poor kid hasn;t seen the snow yet..Soon i hope. Bakery looks amazing. can we have an australian franchise with that divine floor? Happy birthday- the year of Saturn returns…

    Amber x

  3. That’s some impressive snow Mrs Kate. And equally impressive that your friends made you TWO birthday cakes. Wish I was there to celebrate and Scategorise with you. Cx

    1. Hi Kate & Tim: WOW, we finally found you again! and all the work you’ve been doing unbeknownst to us. And WOWWOW, for the job you’re doing -love that floor. We may just have to come for a visit, but not yet – it’s that white stuff, so maybe in August as you said, when it’s all melted away. Lots of love, mama

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