Tim Turns Canadian

This week at the Quesnel Farmer’s Market:

Savoury Loaf: Onion and Black Pepper
Scones: Choice of Chive-Asiago and/or Strawberry
Our usual line-up of breads and granola (see the “Breads and Goodies” section of our website).
Lemon Curd is available again!

This week at the Wells Farmer’s Market:

Scones: Rhubarb
Frozen bread and granola.
Lemon Curd is available again!

I’ve been compiling a “Tim Turns Canadian” List lately. And then, as an accompaniment to that, there is a “Kate is Married to an Englishman” List. Here they are, for your enjoyment.

Tim Turns Canadian

1. He has had Beaver Fever.
2. He can use a chainsaw to fell and buck trees. (Although, unlike some Canadians, he does this whilst wearing steel-toed boots, chainsaw chaps, and head, ear and face protection instead of shorts and sandals with a can of Bud in one hand).
3. He shops at the dump.
4. He eats copious amounts of peanut butter (maybe because there are copious amounts of bread to put it on).
5. He rides a snowmobile. (Although, unlike most Canadians, he rides a snowmobile in order to pack and set cross-country ski trails).
6. He shaves less often.
7. He can paddle in the stern of a canoe with an effective forward/steering stroke instead of just ruddering.

Kate is Married to an Englishman

1. She understands that there is a time and place for warmish beer, and even likes it, if it is the correct time and place.
2. She catches herself saying “trousers” without smirking or wincing.
3. She drinks a LOT of tea, sometimes even before coffee in the morning (but that is rare).
4. She can hear the difference in pronunciation between “Don” and “Dawn” (but cannot actually make the sounds herself).

Tim turns Canadian.
Tim turns Canadian.


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