The Logo Lives!

I am so excited about our logo that I just MUST share it with the world (well, all 17 of you who follow this blog, anyway).

The logo was drawn by our friend, artist, and fellow Wellsian Lindsay Read. Then it was digitized and “colourized” by our friend, artist, and fellow Wellsian Bill Horne. It’s a talented town, folks.

Now all that is left to do is: finish the renos, build the oven, buy some grain, learn how to bake bread, print the logo on some labels, stick the labels on some bags, and sell the bread! Easy.


12 thoughts on “The Logo Lives!

  1. It’s beeeeaaautiful! And for a short story about other bicycle related things… …. I just sent an email to Sharon and Bob whom the four of us met in NFLD while cycling. She had written me a letter and was wondering how you guys were… … I sent her your blog too! Emily

  2. love it ..well done ..FYI there was a course offered in Nanaimo all to do with building and baking your bread in woodfired ovens don’t know if it’s still going on but maybe worth checking out ..Blessing Mel

  3. Love the logo, Kate. Love all your posts, too. You guys are amazing! Can’t wait until you’re up and running!!

  4. Great logo Kate. Here in Australia we are watching your enterprise taking shape with interest and wish you every success. We have “The Good Loaf Sour Dough Bakery” in Bendigo and it is doing extremely well.

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