The Bread Peddler Turns One Year Old!

Tues July 14, 4 to 8 pm: Get bread fresh from the oven!
Wed July 15, 9 and 9:30 am: Bread delivered to Green Tree Health & Wellness and Bouchie Lake Country Store
Wed July 15, 4 to 8 pm: Pizza Night!
Sat July 18, 8:30 am to 1 pm: Quesnel Farmer’s Market

Today is The Bread Peddler’s First Birthday! Last year we sold our first loaves at the first Wells Farmer’s Market of the season, and we haven’t stopped since! We are starting to get the hang of this baking thing: we are producing more loaves in less time (and with fewer tears), the quality of the bread is better, we have a much better sense of how to fire the brick oven and get the most heat out of it using the least wood, the mysteries of the sourdough cultures are revealing themselves slowly over time, and the pizza nights go more smoothly each week! We still have a lot to learn. The most precious thing from the past year is the fantastic group of loyal customers we have amassed: thank you so much for believing in us, for being so enthusiastic about our endeavour, for buying our products and spreading the word, and for making us feel like we are doing something worthwhile.

Our first customers, 8:55 am Sunday at the first Wells Farmer's Market. Jeff and Margaret bought one of each kind of bread! I hope they have hungry friends.
July 13, 2014: Our first bread sale ever at the Wells Farmer’s Market.


The empty table at The Bread Peddler stand!
July 12 2015: The almost-empty table at The Bread Peddler stand!


Lemonade sales at the Wells Farmer's Market.
Lemonade sales at the Wells Farmer’s Market.


Post-market debrief meeting.
After last weekend’s Quesnel market: still working hard during our post-market debrief meeting.

4 thoughts on “The Bread Peddler Turns One Year Old!

  1. massive huge congratulations on your first year ever in the bread business! you two are an inspiration: if you bake it, they will eat it!

    here’s to many more wonderful years baking

    1. Congrats to you and Tim, Kate it’s a great pleasure to drop in, pick up the Best Bread in the Cariboo , and drive home with the truck filling with the smell of fresh baked bread. it makes the taste of a thick slice with homemade huckleberry jam absolutely awesome. Grainy Day ,Beer Belly and pizza nite rock my world, continued success Darlings, Cheers to you both

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