This week’s happenings:

Tues Oct 7, 4 – 8 pm: Bread sales at The Bread Peddler
Wed Oct 8, 9 am: Bread delivery to Green Tree Health & Wellness, Quesnel
Wed Oct 8, 4 – 8 pm: Pizza Night at The Bread Peddler – get your fix this week because we will be away Oct 15 and 22.
Sat Oct 11, 8:30 am – 1 pm: Bread and Pumpkin-Ginger Scones for sale at The Quesnel Farmer’s Market – the last market until Nov 29 (Remember to stop at Green Tree mid-week to buy your Bread Peddler bread during the winter).

Over the past couple of months we have been the lucky recipients of great gifts from friends and family who want to celebrate our new business venture. We’ve received many lovely bicycle-themed gifts, cards, and congratulations: I received an Emergency Chocolate Fund piggy bank, which is doing great service as a tip jar on our bar, Rebecca has given us wheat that she grew (accidentally) and harvested, Veronica brought us back some linen fabric on a trip to the States, Jen gave us a letter opener (for opening all the bills from our grain suppliers), Marilyn and Neal gave us a great bottle of wine with a bicycle-themed label, Margaret and Richard gave us a bicycle beer coaster (well-used with all the beer we quaff once the bread starts coming out of the oven each Friday evening!), John made us a beautiful bar to sit at whilst drinking said beer and he gave us a piece of stovepipe he “just had lying around”, Leanne gave us a lovely French bicycle poster, a bicycle mug and the apron pictured below, and my parents gave us the peels made out of Nova Scotia hardwoods (“peels” are the long-handled wooden things used to put bread and pizza into and out of the oven). Another extremely touching thing is the people that are driving out from Quesnel for pizza night – that’s quite the drive for a pizza, and as one fellow put it, watching and smelling the pizza being made and cooked in the wood-fired oven right in front of your face is what you miss when you phone and order a pizza to be delivered to your door!

Tim and I feel fortunate and blessed to be receiving all this love. Thanks so much. I hope the bread and pizza are living up to it.

The nest two Wednesdays, October 15 and 22, we will not be having pizza nights as we will be down on the coast. We will be coming home with a bigger mixer I hope!

Wheat grown inadvertently in Wells, in between Rebecca’s garlic plants. I can’t wait to taste this bread! Watch this website for news that Tim and I are tilling the gravel lot across the street next spring to plant a rye crop!


My fantastic new apron from Leanne and my new label from Deb, which reads, “Lady Hathaway”. I have put it above the doorway to the dough room, to remind all the peons to steer clear. (I guess this makes Tim “Lord Hathaway”, and I can believe it – he has enough gas to be an old windbag, that’s for certain!


The wares at last week’s market in Quesnel.


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  1. Oh I miss you guys and your incredible pizza already! Let me know if you’re in east van at all and have time for coffee.

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