Thanks a MILLION !

Here she is, and what a beauty, too!

The first milling. Please excuse the ugly yellow jacket. My brother gave it to me.
The first milling. Please excuse the ugly yellow jacket. My brother gave it to me.

Our new grain mill has arrived from Austria, with help from several people along the way. First, Roman and Monika at Red Rooster Artisan Bakery in Prince George sowed the seed of this idea months ago – their Oostiroler Getreidemeuhlen mill has been going strong for years and they sing its praises still. Then, Tim’s mom Bridget did some fancy footwork at the bank in the UK, transferring money from pounds to euros, from England to Austria. And then, when the mill arrived in Vancouver and needed to clear customs, Faith and Lillipilli came to the rescue! We were still in France and it became clear after, oh, 51 or so email messages between Tim and the shipping company (incomprehensibly named “TransPacific Ocean Competency Centre”) that someone needed to be there in Vancouver to go through that bureaurocratic process IN PERSON. Faith thinks Lillipilli’s six-year old cuteness won the day with the customs officer – see, they are human after all! Our friend Christine in Quesnel is also on the list of people to thank – she kindly let us use her address as the delivery point for the mill, and then even went so far as to break her elbow so she would be home from work to sign for the delivery. Wow, now that’s commitment to follow through on a favour!

A thing of beauty! And it works well, too.
Gorgeous form and function all in one – kinda like my husband.
Grain in the hopper.
Grain in the hopper.

5 thoughts on “Thanks a MILLION !

  1. We’ll let me be the first to say just how beautiful that mill is. Wow! Does she have a name yet? That is, one that I can pronounce in English? Congratulations!

  2. It really is a thing of beauty and well worth a broken elbow! Somehow I was expecting it to be metal, not such lovely wood. I agree with Yael, she does need a name!

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