Six Ways to Spell “Peddler”

Here they are, read’em and weep:






OK, OK, I guess that’s only five. This is a grammar lesson, not an arithmetic lesson.  The first three are from the verb “to peddle” (real spelling, American spelling, British spelling respectively), meaning to go around and sell things. The last two versions of the word are from the verb “to pedal”, meaning to go around on your bike and sell things. (American spelling and British spelling respectively, I guess there is no real spelling yet).

I just wanted to clear this all up before I got a million comments about the incorrect spelling of the word “peddler”.

Once we’re up and running, it would seem like a great idea to name all our breads with names that are slightly pun-ish. I am dying to have a bread called “Wry Twist”. Keep your eyes peeled for that yummy thing – a medium rye bread with a spiral of molasses through the dough, possibly?

5 thoughts on “Six Ways to Spell “Peddler”

  1. Awesome progress in the past few weeks since I was there! At the very yeast, I will try to punch out a few pun’ish names for bread – maybe one will rise to your menu board! 😉

  2. You could go with a musical theme: The Grateful Bread, Stairway to Leaven, Bread Zeppelin, The Rolling Scones, But if you feel like a weirdough, maybe just a sign by the proofing room that has “Leaven OClock” or “Doughing It My Way”… just a few to nibble on.

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