Power to the People!!

Tues Mar 17, 4 to 8 pm: Fresh bread – come and get it!
Wed Mar 18, 9 and 9:30 am: bread delivered to Green Tree Health & Wellness (Reid St) and to BOUCHIE LAKE COUNTRY STORE (2338 Bonny Road, Bouchie Lake, west of Quesnel)
Wed Mar 18, 4 t0 8 pm: Pizza Night!

A little wind storm blew through the province on Saturday afternoon, and we just got our power restored late last (Monday) evening. There were trees down everywhere! So it was a fun weekend of candlelit dinners and concerts, reading books by headlamp, racing around town helping folks with generators, and just generally enjoying the sunshine and the fact that one couldn’t get online. Yeah! Tim and I are cozy at home with wood heat and a propane cook stove – what more do we need, really?

Tim's cargo bike doubling up as a fuel truck: on our way to deliver fuel to a friend's generator, which is keeping her furnace going!
Tim’s cargo bike doubling up as a fuel truck: on our way to deliver fuel to a friend’s generator. This way her furnace can run for brief stints to combat the -14 C night time temps.

We are delivering bread this Wednesday to a new store in Quesnel: Bouchie Lake Country Store. Everyone in and near to Quesnel should check them out: the pallet furnishings are alone worth the visit, never mind all the cool stuff on those pallet shelves!

The interior of Bouchie Lake Country Store.
The interior of Bouchie Lake Country Store.


Pallet displays!
Pallet displays!


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  1. Had a very similar weekend – very, very quiet except when we needed to run the generator. Got our power back Monday afternoon, phone line is still on the ground and won’t be up before Friday but that’s Telus for you.

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