Going, Going, GONE!

Tues March 28, 4 to 8 pm: Bread and scones hot from the oven! (Scones are ready after 7:30, pre-ordering is good).
Wed March 29, 9 am: Bread and scones delivered to Green Tree Health & Wellness, Quesnel

Scones are Lemon-Poppyseed this week. YUM.

My birthday last Saturday was exceptionally great: I started the day with coffee, bacon, and pancakes made by Tim, and then went for a fabulous ski in the spring sunshine and snow squalls. We had a very fun afternoon at the Barkerville Brewing Co. – friends gathered for snacks and beer and an amazing chocolate birthday cake. I am blessed to have such great friends! We stayed up really late dancing and laughing and carrying on. That staying up late business is for the birds, I tell you.

Tim and I leave in three days for our spring bike tour. We have a mad day of baking tomorrow to fill all our orders, and then off we go to cycle in Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and maybe even Germany! I find it mind-boggling to know you can cycle in all those countries in four weeks! Stay tuned for news of our adventures.

We’ll see you at the May 13 Quesnel Farmer’s Market, and we’ll be baking bread in Wells again on May 16, and delivering to Green Tree on May 17. Happy spring.

Birthday loot!
Birthday loot!


Probably the best image of Tim and I cycling together ever!
Probably the best image of Tim and I cycling together ever!


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