Bulk Order Time

Tues April 14, 4 to 8 pm: Bread sales in Wells – fresh from the oven!
Wed April 15, 9 and 9:30 am: Bread deliveries to Quesnel – Green Tree Health & Wellness and Bouchie Lake Country Store
Wed April 16, 4 to 8 pm: Pizza Night!

For all our Wells and Quesnel bread customers: Don’t forget this is the time to place your bulk orders. We will be on a cycling trip for 6 weeks – don’t deny yourself good bread while we’re gone. We are away April 23 to June 4, and I haven’t yet trained our house-sitter to bake bread, so fill your freezer!

Stay posted for a new website from me: Support Group for the Wives of Freak Bike Builders. I should have lots of time to write it, as I don’t have to talk to TIm anymore. I do have to listen, however: he talks non-stop about what the next freak bike will be, and what parts he will gather from the dump to make it. There is even a freak bike in the offing for me – I am going to be the proud owner of a Fenny Parthing, just you all wait and see. Whether or not I will be able to ride it is another story.

Tim, as happy as a pig in shit. He is now building freak bike #2: a tall delivery bike. He has only delivered three loaves of bread with the first delivery bike – the backwards tricycle – but you can never have too many delivery bikes, apparently.

3 thoughts on “Bulk Order Time

  1. Love it! I forward all your posts to Brent at work… hopin’ he reads this one!
    But where are you going?
    Envious of the road….
    🙂 Emily

    1. Be aware, Kate, the Wright Brothers started by designing and building cycles ! In the meantime have a wonderful trip in Europe. xx B.

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