Bread vs Processed Bread

There’s bread, and then there’s processed bread. We all know the difference between cheese and processed cheese, so let’s start acknowledging the differences between real bread and its unhealthy, commercialized and processed cousin. Bread is the product of yeast and bacterial fermentation between just three ingredients: flour, water, salt. Processed bread has any number of other ingredients, including commercial yeast (a single yeast species grown industrially), dough conditioners (like ammonium chloride, calcium peroxide, DATEM – diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides, potassium iodate, soy, malt, lecithin, EMG – Ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides, ADA – Azodicarbonamide, the list goes on) and many unhealthy and unneccessary fats and sweeteners. All these things have made the baking of bread a more streamlined process for bakers and the baking industry in the past 150 or so years, but they have done nothing but harm to the bread and the people who eat that bread.

Here’s your challenge: make and eat only bread; say no to processed bread, even if it is all that is available at the time!

Upcoming informative rants: whole grain vs white flours, sourdough leavening, history of bread and bread-making, baking in a wood-fired oven.

Back to reality – this week at The Bread Peddler:

Tues Sept 30, 4 – 8 pm, bread sales straight from the oven at The Bread Peddler
Wed Oct 1, 9 am, bread delivered to Green Tree Health & Wellness, Quesnel
Wed Oct 1, 4 – 8 pm, Pizza Night at The Bread Peddler
Sat Oct 4, 8:30 am – 1 pm, bread and scones for sale at the Quesnel Farmer’s Market

Pizzas this week will be:

Jenkins Jive – pesto, grilled apples, spinach, (all local and organic), grana padano (aged Italian) cheese, and mozza, of course
Hearty Hathaway – tomato sauce, salami, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozza, of course




Processed bread.

3 thoughts on “Bread vs Processed Bread

  1. Bread, bread – nothing but bread; you got it! It is unfortunate though that the vast majority of people do not recognize the fundamental difference between sourdough bread and industrial bread. It doesn’t help to be bombarded by the media with “bad gluten”, “wheat belly”, “bread brain” and what not, simply generalizing “bread” as a whole and not bothering to differentiate between industrial bread baked within three hours from (refined) flour to bag and the completely different product of sourdough bread. We’ve been trying to explain the many differences for nearly 20 years but I suspect that many a customer’s eyes glaze over while I’m launching into my rants … 🙂

  2. Amen to that!
    And while I couldn’t get Bread Peddler bread as I’m in Ottawa, I just walked up town and bought some fresh bread bread to celebrate this post.
    Always bread bread for this gal.
    🙂 Em
    PS – big hugs from Ottawa 🙂

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