Bread, Glorious Bread!

Tuesday Sept 5, 4 to 8 pm: Get your bread hot from the oven!
Wednesday Sept 6, 9 am: Bread delivered to Green Tree Health & Wellness, Quesnel
Saturday Sept 9, 8:30 am: We are excited to be getting back to our favourite Farmer’s Market – in Quesnel!

We have returned refreshed and rejuvenated from our fabulous holiday in Nova Scotia. We went sailing, “swam” in the 14 C Atlantic ocean and in the even-colder Mill Brook at the base of my parent’s property, went fat-biking, dug clams (and then ate them), celebrated my parent’s 51st wedding anniversary, visited with old friends, ate scallops, revelled at the amazing Bay of Fundy tides, ate delicious local foods, drank local wine, cider and beer, found fossils of the earliest tetrapods (who pre-date the dinosours by a long shot), gorged on fresh delicious sweet corn as only a bunch of expat Ontarians can do, went to Farmer’s Markets in Halifax, Kentville and Wolfville, bought some new clothes, had TWO scrumptious lobster feasts, had a drift-wood campfire on the beach (quite a novelty for us BCers!), and didn’t bake a single loaf of bread! It has been quite a while since our whole family has been together in the same place, and Nova Scotia is certainly a beautiful place to explore.

Unfortunately, we were too busy having fun to take many photos – I’ll have to get my family to send some so I can share some of them with you here.

The Bluenose II, being shown "how it's done" by Tim, my dad, and my nephew Andrew as they sail into Lunenburg harbour.
The Bluenose II, being shown “how it’s done” by Tim, my dad, and my nephew Andrew as they sail into Lunenburg harbour on board my dad’s boat, Defiant.

Getting ready to bake after being away from the bakery for more than a few days requires a lot of time: we arrived home from the Prince George airport at 3 pm last Saturday, and within the hour, Tim was lighting a fire in the oven and I was feeding the sourdough. The oven requires a couple days of gentle heating to get it back up to baking temperatures, and the sourdough likes to be fed two or three times each day for a couple of days if it has been dormant for any length of time. Our bakery helper Margaret does feed the sourdough when we are away for longer periods of time – this time she went on her own holiday! All this to say, we are getting better at bakery re-entry each time we experience it, so your bread this week will be its usual yummy self. (Baring dough disasters).

In between bakery chores, we are riding our bikes, putting up food for the winter, and building even-taller tall bikes. The usual stuff.

WInter's coming!
Winter’s coming, and we are going to eat well!


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