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  • Spiced Pumpkin Scones…mmm…


    The best way to beat the wet-and-cold-weather blues is to eat scones. It’s a fact. Spiced pumpkin scones will be available Tuesday evening around 8 o’clock in Wells (pre-order by phone or email), and will be delivered to Green Tree Health & Wellness at 9 o’clock Wednesday morning (first come, first served).

  • Three Scone Flavours to Serve You Better!

    2 kg loaves of Holey Hannah at last week's Customer Appreciation feast at the Quesnel Farmer's Market. photo: David Webb/Haystack Photography

    This weekend at the Quesnel Farmer’s Market we will have three varieties of scones: apple-asiago, nectarine, and chocolate-ginger. I am letting you know ahead of time so you have a chance to think long and hard about your choice. But, as always, the best choice is, “One of each, please”! Our savoury loaf will be […]

  • Customer and Farmer Appreciation


    You won’t want to miss this Saturday at the Quesnel Farmers’ Market! There will be free food to eat and cake (mmm, cake) to taste. It’s Customer Appreciation Day and Farmer Appreciation Week as well.

  • Bread, Glorious Bread!

    The Bluenose II, being shown "how it's done" by Tim, my dad, and my nephew Andrew as they sail into Lunenburg harbour.

    Tuesday Sept 5, 4 to 8 pm: Get your bread hot from the oven!
    Wednesday Sept 6, 9 am: Bread delivered to Green Tree Health & Wellness, Quesnel
    Saturday Sept 9, 8:30 am: We are excited to be getting back to our favourite Farmer’s Market – in Quesnel!