Spring Has Sprung

Well, well, Wells. We have a lot of news. The grapevine is working efficiently, so most of you already know that we have sold our house and are leaving Wells. We are moving to Kimberley on June 1, with a short stop on the way to participate in a birthday bike ride from Quesnel to Mackin Creek Farm. The last few months have been a whirlwind of packing, spending time with friends and family, finishing window trim and baseboards in the house (!), baking, skiing, riding bikes, and more packing. Tim is busy with spring bicycle tune-ups and seems to still be collecting bike parts, even as he gets rid of bike parts. How does that work?

Everyone is curious about the bakery: of course the building (and the oven!) has sold with the house, but the plan is that The Bread Peddler will live on in some form or another one day in Kimberley. There is good news for Wells, however: the woman who bought our house may restore the infamous Pizza Night tradition, and there will be two trial runs this month: Wed May 16 and Wed May 23. Come and check it out – from 4 to 8 pm, of course. Stay tuned here for menu options closer to the date.

There is still tonnes of snow in Wells, especially in south Wells (ie our yard), but we are finally able to see out the windows again. The weather has been very warm and very dry for over a week, and the snow seems to be evaporating instead of melting. I know it is crazy to wish for rain, but it is spring, and we don’t want another summer of drought and forest fires, do we? Here are some photos from winter, which started in early February, and ended in the middle of April:

The view out the kitchen window in late winter.


What’s that man doing?


The snowbanks at the end of March.

We have three more Tuesdays of bread baking, and two Wednesday pizza nights, and then it’s cleaning time! Almost every loaf of bread is sold before we bake it these days, so if want bread or scones, order by Sunday evening (phone or email) to make sure you get on the list! There will be a few loaves available for walk-in customers – try your luck between 4 and 8 pm for the next three Tuesdays, May 1, May 8, and May 15.

There are a couple of folks we know of in Quesnel who are interested in building wood-fired ovens and making good bread, so keep your ear to the ground in the next year or so to hear of progress on this front. We have proven that there is an appetite and a market for artisan bread in the Cariboo, and we have also found that it is hard work – we wish them all the best! It is a very satisfying thing to provide a good product to an appreciative audience.

Holey Hannah

Mark your calendars: Saturday May 26 (10 am to 4 pm) and Sunday May 27 (noon to 5 pm) we will be having a HUGE MOVING SALE in the carport of the bakery. There will be all kinds of great stuff: clothing, skis, bikes, snowshoes, tonnes of kitchen items and dishware, food, shelving, fabric, blankets, bike parts, footwear, CDs, LPs, house plants, camping gear, bedding, books, etc. Don’t miss out! Prices will be low! There will even be freshly baked treats for sale to entice you to open your wallets and take home an armful of fabulous stuff!

As we pack and clean we are filling up the former massage garage with moving sale items.

Some Easter goodies:

Chocolate Brioche buns
Hot Cross buns




After Skiing, Bread

Alas, we have fed the sourdoughs and are heating up the oven in preparation for tomorrow’s baking. Our holiday break was just what the doctor ordered – I got over my pre-Christmas cold, and we had loads of time to ski and hang out with Sally and discover a tiny bit of Norway.

Tomorrow we are baking our usual line-up of breads: Holey Hannah, Grainy Day, Roasted Garlic & Olive, Beer Belly, Ryed On!, Speedy, Rosemary Focaccia, and Tooty Fruity.

We will have Ginger-Pear scones.

Oh yes, skiing in Norway is fantastic. No wonder they invented it. Everyone who likes skiing should go there at least one time to experience the immersive skiing culture. Some fun facts (as far as we learned, anyway): the famous Berkebeiner Ski Race finishes in Lillehammer; they have bread with carrots in it in Norway (not pictured below); Lillehammer is no more expensive to visit than any BC town; everyone really does ski in Norway; there are over 2000 kms of ski trails around Lillehammer that are groomed daily; there are more yarn shops and outdoor gear stores on the 4-block pedestrian strip in Lillehammer than in all of northern BC; more people ski classic than skate (even the young speed demons!); it’s very easy to get around with the local buses – you just add your gear to the huge pile of skis and poles in the luggage compartment, and miraculously, no one misplaces anything; people ride bikes year-round; everyone wears ski gear all the time; SWIX is based in Lillehammer (we resisted the temptation to go to their outlet store, I don’t know why); there are at least two moose in Norway because we saw both of them; most people speak English better than the average Canadian; ski trails aren’t graded by difficulty – why would you need to do that when everyone comes out of the womb with skis on?; and did I mention, the skiing is FANTASTIC!

Bakery research.


Downtown Lillehammar.
Downtown Lillehammer.


We got to ski past the Olympic Ski Jump facility quite a few times - it is just above town!
We got to ski past the Olympic Ski Jump facility quite a few times – it is just above town!


The trails were very well sign-posted.
The trails were very well sign-posted.


Goofy skiers.
Goofy skiers.


Sally - a new skiing convert.
Sally – a new skiing convert.


Helpful signage? On the maps the "You are here" pin was labelled in Norwegian and translated into English as "Here I am". It made me smile every time I looked at a map!
Helpful signage!?! On the maps the “You are here” pin was labelled in Norwegian and translated into English as “Here I am”. It made me smile every time I looked at a map!


A chilly day!
A chilly day!


Lovely, lovely ski conditions.
Lovely, lovely ski conditions.


Map  - yep, all those red lines are ski trails, not roads!
Map – yep, all those red lines are ski trails, not roads!

5 kg butter, 9 kg raisins, 3 kg candied peel, spiced rum…

… and home-made marzipan!

These are just some of the things that make Stollen delicious! Be sure to pop into Green Tree Health & Wellness in Quesnel to order your Bread Peddler Stollen – you can pick it up there on December 13 or 20. You also reserve your Stollen by calling Green Tree at 250-991-0298, or emailing greentreehealth@uniserve.com.

For folks in Wells or beyond, call us at 250-994-3498 or email cranky@thebreadpeddler.ca to reserve your Stollen. Numbers are limited – don’t delay!

(Hey Mom: don’t worry, there is already one loaf ear-marked for your package).


Winter Splendour

We have had a seemingly sudden blast of winter here in Wells and now there is no question – winter has arrived for good. Yesterday we had a 10-hour blizzard and today the sun is shining and the hoar frost is twinkling. The skiing is, of course, fantastic.

The fabulous skiing on Cornish Mountain today.
The fabulous skiing on Cornish Mountain today.

We DO still have to bake, of course, because otherwise what would Tim eat? And so there is always extra bread for other people as well: tomorrow evening in Wells we’ll have Holey Hannah, Grainy Day, Roasted Garlic & Olive, Beer Belly, Speedy, Cinnamon & Raisin, and Rosemary Focaccia. There will be a few Chocolate-Ginger scones available at the end of the evening too. (Focaccia and scones aren’t out of the oven until 7:30 or so).

Tim will deliver bread and scones to Green Tree Health & Wellness in Quesnel at 9 am Wednesday morning.

We will be at the Medieval Market in Williams Lake this weekend. Come early Saturday to get the best choice of bread and scones as they will sell out! We will have a huge line-up of breads, packages of scones, spiced hot chocolate mix, and granola for sale. If nothing else, come out to see us in our cute outfits! Remember, gluten-free is NOT medieval.

Are you a REAL elf?


The November Freeze

Hey Wells: We will have Rosemary Focaccia and Coronation Grape Scones available tomorrow – call or email to reserve yours, or take a chance and come by the bakery after 7 pm.

Rosemary Focaccia
Rosemary Focaccia

Tim is still riding his bike and I have been skating on a frozen pond – must be November in Wells!