At Last!

Tim and I are resting. Well, of course there is snow shovelling, skiing, doing laundry, catching squirrels, making chocolates, drinking rum & eggnog and having quality time with friends! But other than that we are resting. Tim was even out on a SNOWMOBILE today (how Canadian IS this guy, eh?) learning how to pack the trails and set tracks for cross-country skiing.

Troll Resort – a fantastic family-owned and operated ski hill 30 km from Wells has just opened today. The ski season has has a rocky start, but with some fresh show in the last two days it is now in full swing, just in time for the holidays! Phew. Life just isn’t the same without skiing. Our first bread delivery to Troll Resort will be New Year’s Eve – Wed Dec 31. We’ll have fresh bread there by 9 am – if your bread supplies have been decimated by the hungry Christmas hordes, make sure you pick up a loaf or two on your way home from the slopes! Once the holidays are over we will be delivering bread first thing every Friday morning.

Happy Holidays from The Bread Peddlers.
Happy Holidays from The Bread Peddlers.


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