A New Member of the Family

Tues July 28, 4 to 8 pm: Bread for sale – fresh from the oven
Wed July 29, 9 and 9:30 am: Bread delivered to Green Tree and Bouchie Lake Country Store in Quesnel
Wed July 29, 4 to 8 pm: Pizza Night!

1. prosciutto ham, sweet onions, grilled green and yellow zucchini
2. kale, cherry tomatoes, and asiago cheese on an olive oil base

Sat Aug 1, 8:30 am until we sell out: Quesnel Farmer’s Market

We have added a new bread to the roster: Tooty Fruity. It is made with a plain 25% whole wheat dough with raisins and homemade candied fruit peel. I have used lemon, orange, and grapefruit peel in the mixture, so there is a great citrus flavour. There is no extra sugar added to the bread, just what is in the raisins naturally and what I use in the fruit peel. So far we have been getting good reviews – try it for yourself! Our top secret certified bread testers report Tooty Fruity is excellent plain, toasted, toasted with butter, with jam, with cream cheese and jam, and with sharp cheddar cheese, too!

Tooty Fruity! Welcome to the family.
Tooty Fruity! Welcome to the family.

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